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Welcome to The Paper Ark

The Paper Ark is an artistic collaboration between Nayan & Venus. Let’s begin with a brief introduction about the Paper artist of The Paper Ark. My name is Nayan Shrimali and I’m a paper miniature artist specialised in bird sculptures (Paper Sculpture and Paper Relief Sculpture). I was born and raised in a small town Gandhinagar (India), since I was a kid , I have always surrounded by nature. Birds, monkeys, squirrels and dogs fascinated me a lot. I still remember how I used to climb trees, feed cows and always loved listening to birds chirping. My house had a garden where we had various native trees, and my window was surrounded by gorgeous Madhumalti creeper (Rangoon creeper) where tiny sunbirds used to build their nests every summer. I was always a bird enthusiast . Painting and drawing occupied my childhood days during summers, as I grew up I wanted to bring that nature indoors and surround myself with lovely natural elements of my childhood, and that’s why I create artworks of birds, animals, insects, pollinators, marine life etc. so that I can constantly be surrounded by them. Of course, there are many other factors that tie my work to the natural world, For instance, through making lovely paper sculptures, I hope to raise awareness of natural world and its inhabitants among the people. I will continue my blog with more stories about my thoughts with you here on my blog, along with that I will share stories or facts about my artworks, tutorials, nature, conservation and some more thoughts. Thank you for reading and appreciate my Blog!

(Picture courtesy - Venus Bird)

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