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"1000 Feather Project" is a self-initiated creative challenge that we started on January 1, 2018 to raise public awareness about wildlife. 

We created 1000 distinct artworks, one every day, with the purpose of raising awareness among our viewers about the significance and magnificence of wildlife through art. 

Each artwork begins with a sketch, and then the fur/feathers of the species are cut from paper in multiple levels using a precision knife. Following that, each layer is coloured using watercolours in the species' precise shade. Depending on the species, each artwork takes four to six hours to create. The smallest artworks are about 1.8 CM in length from head to tail. Each paper artwork is photographed either perched on a twig, strolling or sitting in sand, or suspended in the sky to appear to be flying; this form of photography is utilised to provide the spectator with a sense of life in the artwork as well as a context for the species depicted. 

The primary goal of this series is to raise awareness about environment and wildlife via art. And help the world recognise their contribution and relevance to our ecology.


*These artworks were created without the use of magnifying instruments.



Technique - Miniature relief sculpture made of layered paper painted watercolours

Medium - Mixed media

Size - Mounted on 9x9 cm 300 GSM watercolour paper 

Year - 2018-2020

To inquire about available artworks contact here 

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