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Project Pollinators

(A miniature art project focused on our planet's pollinators)

Pollination is a critical function for ecological survival. Ecosystems would perish if pollinators were not present. Almost 80% of the 1,400 crop species farmed throughout the world, which provide all of our food and plant-based industrial goods, require animal pollination. 

Every living being, great or tiny, is critical to the ecosystem's survival. A minor imbalance in the system might have disastrous consequences. So, to summarise, we rely on them and require them to survive. Save the environment around you. If you have a garden, investigate and grow some local species so that these animals may visit for nectar and, in turn, pollinate your plants and maintain the ecosystem healthy. 


Technique - Miniature relief sculpture made of layered paper painted watercolours

Medium - Mixed media

Size - Mounted on 9x9 cm 300 GSM watercolour paper 

Year - 2021-2022

To inquire about available artworks contact here 

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