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Endangered typography

(A typography initiative to raise awareness about endangered species)

Through "Typography" and "Paper art," this project attempts to raise awareness to threatened species all around the world. 

The first steps toward conservation and sustainability are education and awareness. We've highlighted several species in different alphabets, along with their environments. This series includes species that are either vulnerable or endangered. 


We are accountable for this loss as humans, but we still have time, and if we are fully versed about our nature and its inhabitants, we can truly make a difference in this world. 


We believe that by initiating this small effort, we will raise curiosity and awareness about "wildlife" among the wider population. 

We want our audience to look at these artworks, discover the names of the species, then study them to understand more. 


We should change now because the climate is changing. 


Technique - Miniature relief sculpture made of layered paper painted watercolours

Medium - Mixed media

Size - Mounted on 9x9 cm 300 GSM watercolour paper 

Year - 2018-2019

To inquire about available artworks contact here 

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