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Last song of Kauaʻi ʻōʻō

Hello everyone, this is my first blog and from now on I will keep sharing stories, information and facts about my art, my inspiration and nature through my blogs, so keep watching this space.

Today's topic is the Last song of Kauaʻi ʻōʻō, if you follow me on Instagram than you would have seen my post about this beautiful bird and his last song. Here I will elaborate more on how this bird had that fate and why it is so important to conserve our nature and my inspiration for the artwork.

I came across this bird three years back while researching for my series of 1000 days of art and I was completely taken back with the sound, he sang with such love and power that if you listen to it you will feel his longing. So I researched more about this bird and found that they went extinct because of human interference. The last song of this bird was recorded in 1987 and the last sighting was in 1985. The first cause of their extinction was introduction of predatory species which never existed in their habitat, they never knew how to protect themselves and that effected their population gravely. This problem was faced by one other bird also the Australian Kākāpō but now because of great conservation efforts by amazing humans they are saved. They shifted all the non native predators from their habitat to other zones, so now Kākāpō can roam freely. The second problem was deforestation which is still the biggest environmental threat to every species on our planet. Lastly was the mosquito borne diseases which the humans brought with them when they started entering their lands. These were broadly the reasons for extinction of this species. They were nectar feeding song birds and their family was responsible for pollinating many plant species and some of which were fruit bearing plants also. So now with this family no longer performing their task the reproduction of those plants will reduce and eventually effect our ecosystem and ourselves.

So this makes it clear that we all are connected and we all can thrive only if we live in an harmony. Because if any species from our ecosystem is gone then the consequences can be fatal and can lead to disastrous conditions in future. This is the reason we need to conserve our nature and not only ourselves and our family, on this earth we are big family or I can say a big industry. We all have to work together to keep the company running effectively. As every species on this earth serves a purpose like some are predators, some are pollinators and some are scavengers. All of them have a purpose and they all help in keeping our company called "Earth" in profits. If earth is in profit then our salaries will be good and we all can get bonuses also. Because nature is always rewarding. I feel the purpose of humans on earth is book keeping, we are here to monitor the activity of every other species and to make sure they are performing well. If they have any problem then we can solve that with our logic, the only thing which makes us superior. With said that I can conclude this by saying that just look around and try to observe the earth see the sky and feel the wind. When all our senses will come in an harmony with our surroundings we will get an answer to our question that "what is our purpose"

Lastly the artwork which I created on World Environment day was inspired by all these thoughts and I wanted to convey them through my art. So that's why I made an animation of this wonderful bird to remind us that we are failing at our job and our company is going under loss. We need to act soon to keep it in profits or we all will go bankrupt.

Hope you all enjoyed my little blog.


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Lakhan lal
Lakhan lal
11 de jun. de 2022


This is wonderful. Because of you I could know about this beautiful bird and you explained the importance of our ecosystem beautifully. Hope everyone will do their part to save our natural ecosystem. Keep inspiring 🤗

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